An introvert’s guide to surviving college.

College life can be rough. Especially for those of us who don’t find as much solace in parties or drinking or just overall leaving the home base. It’s all right, you can admit it. Being an introvert isn’t a crime or anything, it just means it’s a little harder to make friends, establish your roots, etc. But, don’t fret! It’s not like there’s no hope for us!

Having been in college for almost two years now, I can’t say I’m any expert at this or anything. But I’ve gone through the ups and downs of it. I faced pretty crippling depression at some points, but other times, I had the time of my life. Although this list can’t guarantee anything, I do hope it helps.

  1. Find a few friends, or just one, who you can be comfortable enough with.

    Go over to their room and they might invite you to something which you might become interested in. Or not. Either way, you might end up having the time of your life and find a group to hang out with.

  2. Or, better yet, be the one doing the inviting.
  3. Find a club / make a club.

    This might sound like a big jump for some, but honestly, clubs depend on how they’re run. It could just end up as a gathering place of people with similar interests. It is a bit of work, but it’s definitely worth it.

  4. Find some days to spend by yourself

    Play a video game, watch a movie, write a chapter of a book, or watch some anime, etc. Just relax. Spend some time doing things that you can talk to people about later, even.

  5. Determine what you need to do, for your own health and protection, and do it.

    Don’t be ashamed to go to a counselor, friend, parent, whoever, if you need help. Bad things happen, the way to live is learning to deal with it.

  6. Thrive in college your own way.

    You don’t have to be ‘successful’ in the same way as anyone else. If partying isn’t your way of thriving, don’t force yourself to do it just to have friends.

  7. Make a journal (OR any medium you express yourself the most in.)

    Every night, take out that piece of paper and be as honest with yourself as possible. It helps organize feelings and identify problems. Can’t solve the problem if you don’t even know what it is, right?

  8. Try to think positively as much as you can.

    A day can go good or bad depending on how stormy the weather is in your brain.

  9. Take care of yourself.

    You’re precious, so don’t hurt yourself. Do well in class if you can, or work so you can at least pass. Take care of your body, mind and soul.

  10. Join an internet community.

    At least on the internet, there’s less pressure to always be spending time with someone. They can be support when no one else is.

It’s hard being an introvert in an extrovert’s world, it really is. Especially during the time when you’re establishing your own identity. You’ll face both ups and downs, no doubt about it, but what’s important is to breathe, smile, and take it slowly. If that’s how you work, then work it. And have fun!

See you next week!


4 thoughts on “An introvert’s guide to surviving college.

  1. Ha, great ideas. I have always been an introvert and undergrad certainly was a challenge for me. Your #6 is golden though–find ways to make yourself grow in college and thrive. Never be afraid to find a less traveled path–for introverts it is usually a must.

    • Thank you! :) And it’s true, for a person who lives in their head, it’s kind of hard to stay there if they don’t know themselves or are taking a path just because others told them to. So living to love the person in their head is a must, and finding their path is a must to achieve that.

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