This blog’s anniversary!

No, today is not this blog’s anniversary, actually, I’m not even completely sure when this all began, but I do know it’s been over a year now. Wow. Okay, perhaps there were some months I didn’t really post anything, but it still doesn’t change the fact that I’ve had this website for so long, and it still receives views even today, thanks to dedicated friends and readers.

    So, thank you all. No really, thank you so much!

    After today, this blog is going to change to simply weekly posts, every Friday Afternoon! I know I used to do two to three a week last year, but I’ve been facing some tough obstacles that have really tripped me up, so that’s why I’m simply going to have one longer post on Fridays. J I look forward to writing for you guys again, and feel free to comment any time!

    Happy first anniversary, my blog! Now, next goal, the fifth year anniversary! Keep writing!


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