Dear Stranger,

This started out as a writing prompt, but I kind of liked how it turned out. So I decided to edit it a little and post it here, if anyone needs a little pick-up for the day.

Throughout living, life will continue to give you lemons. He has too many to carry, so he has to give them away before they blossom from his arms and spill to the ground. He never wished you harm, but he knows he has to give them to you, and with a sad smile he sends you away with an armful of them. He can’t give you a lemonade-making machine nor any sugar to go with it. Life told us to make lemonade, but if you ask me, lemonade is too sour to drink all of them time. My lips couldn’t take the puckering.

But stranger, have hope.

Instead of lemonade, let’s make a lemon castle, like children build castles in the sand. Let’s make lemon forts and lemon huts to live in, and lemon playgrounds for the kids to play on. Let’s use them to light batteries, or put their juice into water guns and shoot them at each other. Let’s laugh along with Life, because things must be hard on him too. Life can’t stop giving us lemons, so instead, let’s use these stupid lemons however we want to. We’ll play with them until they rot.

I wish I could tell you pain would stop, how you can deal with it when it gets piled in heaps in your chest, but I can’t. I’m still trying to find that method for myself. But you know what? Just because life is uncertain and confusing as hell sometimes, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth waiting to see what will happen.

I want to be a writer, Stranger. I want to be around long enough to see myself become one. I’d love to see what you become too.

Call me strange, but at I want to look forward to something. So I can keep going forward along with these wads of lemons.


A.C. Rooks


One thought on “Dear Stranger,

  1. Hey Stranger!

    Thanks Mary for your posting. I really love your blog posts. I don’t have time to read many, but I read everyone of yours. Thank you so much for taking the time to write them. They are special!

    Mark :)

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