We’ve been snowed in.

    I wasn’t planning on reporting on the snowfall for my first post of the year, but it seems like the weather is trying to get my attention. I’ve been having to do a lot of travelling, and I am about to do some more… and it looks like I’m not in the most… desirable of locations. I’m already tired of the cold and I’m pretty sure I have four more months of this sitting in front of me.

    I’ll make the promise now. I’m going to live somewhere like Florida someday. Maybe California….

    Who am I kidding, I hate hot weather even more.

    It’s just hot weather doesn’t make precipitation that clumps up in the street like fat cumulus clouds, it doesn’t make cars slip and pizza places to scared to even have their delivery men go outside. I don’t like having to put on a coat every single time I want to go somewhere. I hate heavy boots hugging my ankles. The only thing that makes winter worth anything is Christmas or New Years, but then it’s just cold cold cold.

    And yet, I’ve lived in these conditions all my life. Why am I still bothered by them? Who knows.

    Sorry for such an uneventful post, but the snow was kind of getting on my nerves. I wish it would just get a life and melt already. Jeez.

    Next post will be about my New Year’s resolutions on writing, and what I learned last year. See you then!


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