It seems like a good day to play Christmas piano music

    You can shoot me all you want for calling it Christmas, it’s just the holiday I celebrate, and so that’s what I’ll call it. However, for all of you others, Happy Holidays! I do hope the holidays have been treating you well.

I’m smack dab in the middle of my exam week, but it’s the weekend, so I hope you’ll give me some mercy for writing a blog post. I just haven’t written one in a good long while, so I know I’ve probably dropped off a lot of people’s radars. That’s okay though, this is the Internet, there are many other voices and faces to find and listen to, so I’m good with that. I’m very thankful to the people I have, and I hope you know this, even in your daily lives. Thank you!

As I still do have exams to study for, I will make this quick, but I want to make a quick recommendation for some Christmas Music. David Lanz has a lovely Christmas album called Joy Noel, which really sent me into a day of retrospection. Piano music just seems to do that for me, it’s proven to be some of the only music that can move me to the point of tears. So, if any of you have Spotify or Itunes or something, I’d recommend finding this album and listening to it.

Feel free to comment as well! I’d love to hear some Holiday traditions people have out there, in the Interwebs. My family and I actually still do this tradition that we did in Iceland, which includes12 little elves/santas/goblins (not sure which they are… Icelandic folk tales are strange to me). So, from the 12th of December to Christmas, we receive little things in our stocking from these twelve different creatures. One of them is actually a black cat (which is interesting, seeing how we make black cats into unlucky creatures).

Hope to be able to pick up my regular blogging soon!



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