Nearly Halfway there…

    If you count 6,000 words under 25,000 words nearly halfway there, then it damn well means I’m nearly halfway there. Don’t kill my dreams people. This is my first attempt at NANOWRIMO and I am going to beat it, I am determined to.

    I have to say though, attempting this has been harder than I thought. Although I’ve always been one for ideas, there are just some nights I’d rather bury my head into a pillow and just forget the word count for the day. There were days I would stare at the screen and wish the words would just magically appear. It’s only been eleven days, and yet it feels like I’ve been writing for longer than that. I look at the pages, and I’m like, I did that? In eleven days?

    Yeah, that’s right, I did. And I loved it.

    The best part of this whole process though, is looking at this work, and seeing how I’ve improved since past projects. I even watch myself improve too over the course of the book. For years and years, I’ve looked at my own writing and seen nothing, but then, after the novel writing course I took this summer, and then this novel I’m writing now… the difference in skill between them is clear. The plot is better, the characters are more defined. I know where I am going, although it is still amazing to see it unfold.

    I love it. I’ve been reminded why I chose to write again. Because it’s just so damn GREAT!

    I understand I’ve gone over the necessary swearing limit, but I don’t believe in censorship when it comes to expression. I am just happy, and grateful, to watch this all coming together.

    Good luck to all other NANOWRIMO people! You have my respect! Wish me luck as well as we approach this second week!


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