I swear, Writer’s Block is like Chicken Pox

Itchy, scratchy, burning heat settled under your skin. No matter how much you seem to itch at it, the itch never goes away, in fact, it becomes worse. Instead of actually getting somewhere, you’re giving the darn thing incentive to travel from your fingernails to your legs or you face. Things that itch must disappear on their own, and one just must wait.

Same with Writer’s Block.

It first starts with essays. I wish I could find motivation to write some essays, I really do. It would be fun to sound like some big-brain professor, with some viable opinion that people in my field could agree with. Of course, then there’s the problem of my attention span. Stories have been the only thing to keep my attention, so that’s why I write stories, it’s so easy just to get carried away by the waves. Essays on the other hand, are like trying to build a lego structure with all the colors in the right place, and strong enough that those neighborhood children couldn’t knock it down. Of course, writing block always strikes where I already struggle.

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there.

It takes your poems, your stories, your beautiful writing, and steals it away, tucking it away in some treasure chest. Eventually, blog posts fall away too.

But I must keep writing! And that’s where the beauty of it lies. Climbing mountains, even when you’re carrying the deadweight of your creativity behind you. It might not be your best work, but you’re hopefully ascending.

Wish me luck! NANOWRIMO still calls my name!


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