Funny, but I really love writing without a pen

Mark Bialczak

This T-shirt’s message made me laugh out loud.

Luckily, my dear wife Karen is accustomed to my shopping behavior, so she kept on eyeing her own interests in the fancy-dancy souvenir store in the toney Niagara Falls mall. So I had to point this particular message out, and grab my iPhone to capture the thought for later use.

The time is this morning of Nov. 1, when so many bloggers on WordPress appear to be starting something called NaNaNaNoNoNo or somesuch writing exercise. Wait, that’s my reaction to the task, not the name. Make that NaNoWriMo, cleverly but somewhat confusingly short for National Novel Writing Month. A whole bunch of scribes will be separately or sometimes jointly taking November to write a fiction book. Good luck, brethren! If you get your inner “War and Peace” out there, wow, you write fast. In a month that only has 30 days…

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