The Day Following Halloween (And all the more SCARIER!)

(Okay, Halloween is a horrible metaphor this, for one, Halloween isn’s scary, it’s just basically an excuse for either a) women to wear costumes that are in no ways modest, or b) children to parade around and request for candy just for them to finish it in one night. No, Halloween isn’t scary, but NANOWRIMO is.)

That’s right, it’s almost November, and I’m attempting NANOWRIMO this year. I’ll be cheating a bit, because I’m in college and it’s my first time attempting this, so I’ll be doing a 2nd draft in a month instead of a first draft… but still. 1,667 words a day is a scary amount. That means actually tying myself down and doing this.

Don’t worry for those of you who worry for my academics. If it ever gets in my way, I will either stop or just find ways to work more certain days than others, etc. I will put my school first, since I’m paying for it, and it’s not right to waste these days in which I could better myself.

Wish me luck!


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