What should a blog be like?

Even as I run my own creative writing group at my college, I find myself at a loss in choosing the direction I want this part of me to be facing. Should I strive for goals, or should I focus on each and every meeting or post in an episodic way? How do I know how much to give people, and how much I should expect them to give to me? It’s all too complicated for this mind of mine to handle.

Of course, I’m not alone in this right?

So, I want to ask you to comment on this blog, on what you’ve enjoyed about the blog, and what hasn’t worked. Is my work okay? Or has it been mediocre? Honesty I allowed here. I love criticism, seriously.

Here’s some questions to consider, if you want something specific to answer:

  1. Is the subject matter consistent/well written? Or am I all over the map while slandering every grammar law in existence?
  2. What would you like me to write about? What have been your favorite posts?
  3. How is the look of the blog? Is it organized in a good manner, or are there parts I could fix?
  4. What audience do you think I’m appealing to? Do I target a specific one or am I all over the map?
  5. And just for my own self-esteem, would you read a book written by me based on the writing on this blog?

If you would answer those questions, that would be mighty appreciated. I love knowing how I can improve and make this place a better place for you guys.


3 thoughts on “What should a blog be like?

  1. I have referred my son to you as an example of how to write all encompassing in a plain manner…..he is a freshman in college @jackhenryking and has a lot of good ideas, but his vocabulary and punctuation is absolute hell. Please check him out…you could do worse!

    You will be good but you need to figure what people want and what you want to give them….Writing as a hobby is fun but as a profession requires you producing a product someone will want to pay for – think action, intrigue, comedy, and relationships. Because of your age, you draw from limited experiences. IMAGINE AND MAKE STUFF UP. Put yourself in improbable situations and work yourself out from there…..you are quality – trust yourself.

    everything is more than good

    • Thank you for the advice! :D And you’re right, action and all of that jazz are definitely a way to go. Especially when I’m one of the biggest geeks when it comes to that sort of thing anyway. I’ll definitely have to keep that in mind, but it can get hard when you’re just ranting out on your blog.

  2. Hello Mary!

    I hope you’re having a good day! So sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

    Right let’s get into it.

    1) Your blog posts are well written. I have only seen out of all the posts I have read, which counts for almost all of them, a few errors in spelling, and grammar. This is exceptional. I have thought on a few occasions how lucky your teachers are. I don’t think you slander the rules. I think you accentuate what to do, by being an example.

    2) (a) I would like you to write about contemporary issues that the world’s experiencing. The greatest writers have addressed this, and left an indelible image of how life was in their age. We as writers have a responsibility not just to provide great fiction, but to instil future generations (100, 200, 1,000, 10,000 years ahead) with what it meant to be a woman in college in 2013 in the US. Your hopes, your dreams, your fears, your thinking, are all possibilities for blog posts. I also love your writing journey posts.

    (b) My favourite posts have been along the lines of 2 (a), such as: University weeks, struggles, orientation, friendships, and then your writing entries, your analysis of books, and snippets of your own work.

    3) I think you have improved over the time. I like the feel, the ease for the reader,. I do think you could add a list of top ten favourite posts on the right side. This will allow the reader to immediately click and share those memorable moments. I also think a follow button for you on the various social media websites.

    4) I think you target students, writers, readers, women, youth, men. So age group (13 + ), and English speaking, readers) This is large, and so I wouldn’t be narrowing your scope as you are writing for a large group. This is okay.

    5) Of course, you are a literary genius.

    Thanks and keep up the good work, Mark :)

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