Book Review: Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

The Foggiest Idea

I recently read Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird.Although originally published in 1994, this inspirational book for fledgling writers is a timeless trove of advice from an experienced author who has been there.Anne knows the elation of creating a story that works and the abysmal crash of writing something that flops, and she shares what she has gleaned from her own creative peaks and valleys.Mom-writers probably recognize Anne Lamott as one of the old-school grande dames in the now-saturated market of tell-it-like-it-is mommy memoirs with her endearing, inspiring reflection,Operating Instructions.(If you haven’t read this one, rush to your library or bookstore and prepare to get inspired.)

Just like Operating Instructions, Bird by Bird lets the reader in on a little private conversation with an esteemed writer.As I pored over this book, devouring it over a span of 24 hours, I felt like…

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