Let’s be Honest: Fan Fiction

Okay, I hate to publish two things, but anyone who is a fan of Psych needs to read this.


So, we had this assignment in fiction class that I am going to share with you because nothing else is happening in life right now. Except for that SUV nearly running me over in the crosswalk when the light was BLARINGLY red.

It doesn’t get redder than that light was.


Anyway. I guess what I wrote is fan fiction. I didn’t mean for it to be; I didn’t start out that way, but it just evolved into that. And I tried naming the characters something different to disguise it, but in the end I could not fool myself. It was plainly Shawn and Gus, and no amount of rose by another name could make them smell as….ew. we won’t go there.

Here. Just read it.

SHAWN: (yelling) “Get that elephant out of my mailbox!”

GUS: “It’s not an elephant, Shawn! It’s an over-sized seal. And I thought you’d like…

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