People I thank the Lord for… Part 2

    “It is no good that the man should be alone…”

        Genesis 2:18

    I just moved into college two days ago, and before I even arrived at the college, a friend was already offering her help to set up my room. Since, we’ve hung out, gone into town, accompanied me all the way to Best Buy and eaten with me. Times were awkward, great, we’ve laughed, met new people, and made this college shine several hues brighter.

    That’s friends are for, right? After a lonely summer, she reminded me of that.

    My Mom and Dad helped me move into college, have been there every step of the way, and are still as encouraging and loving as they always have been. I’m thankful to have them as my parents, and I wish many others had the relationship that my parents and I have.

    I miss my brothers too, the two men in my life that have understood me but still give me hugs and talks on the phone.

    Forgive me, but I just love these relationships of mine.

    One Shout Out I have for a person in my life I Brant Hansen, a radio speaker for the Christian music station Air1. The day I found he had Asperger Syndrome, and yet he was still on the air, hilarious, and wonderful to listen to, I really felt I had a chance. I have that condition too, and seeing someone who could be successful in their work environment, and actually do really well… It’s really inspiring. I hope that man is on air for many days to come. He deserves that position, and livens up the very repetitive station. xD

    Another shout out goes to Mark O’Brien, one of my most active supporters. He gave me a statement to post this week:

    “ I vote for Prince Harry, and his love of the people. How he stays on the battlefield, stays on the front lines of welfare, stays in the peoples’ hearts as the Prince who would never be king, though, he was already a king.”

    -Mark O’Brien

    This is just a reminder to be thankful to the people close to you. It’s too easy to take these people for granted when they’re so wonderful every day.

    See you Wednesday!



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