Waiting for the end, and thinking about the beginning…

The question is which beginning to think about. The new beginning of tomorrow? Or the beginning that existed three months ago?

Pencils are out, apple juice dripping down the teacher’s mouths, and yellow school buses have reign over the streets at two in the afternoon. Kids strapped in backpacks run off to school, in their tiny suede shoes and smiles, off the door into another year. Then, there are college students like me packing up their things, giving a hearty hug to their parents, and shipping themselves off into new beginnings.

What a life, what can I say? I’m a very lucky girl.

This here is a good luck letter to all of you kids out there, that you can do this, that you can make it through another year of school. Kick its donkey and love it for every moment you’ve got. There will be sucky days, horrible days, awesome days, jump out of the classroom window days, whatever, but whatever day you have, it’s something precious. And yes, I’m trying to be corny.

It’s when you’ve past something that nostalgia likes to cozy its furry hide into the caverns of your chest cavities. High school itself was not a dream, but to have the opportunities I will now have because of it, I can’t even begin to explain why it’s something I would never undo. College has been a blessing so far, and frankly, I do wish to be back, no matter how sappy my parents gets about it. It is a wonderful beginning of sorts. I do wonder what will happen to me, and I hope you continue to share this journey with me.

I’m A.C. Rooks. I’m glad to be here. I’m glad to be a blogger. I’m glad I was an Ohioan for a great portion of my life. I’m glad you’re reading this post. Thank you.

Wish me luck this coming year. It’s been a pleasure writing with you.


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