People I thank the Lord for

Relationships are the webs that encompass our lives. Every place, every home, every person we meet becomes a relationship, no matter how distant. No matter how close. Sometimes these links to others destroy bits of our heart, whether it’s hurting us or leaving without saying goodbye. Other times, our webs are strung so tight that only God could take it away, and even then, the scar left behind is permanent.

    The people in our lives are important. They deserve a little recognition.

    So, for next week, I’m asking you guys to share one of the most important relationships in your life. It would be your wonderful wife, your helpful mother, the friend that never left, the uncle who stuck around, anyone, and that person could show up in the blog.

    It can be confidential too; you don’t need to name any names, not even yours. Just email me at and give a little statement on how they’re important. Why you will never forget what they’ve done for you. Most likely, if you send me a statement, it’ll show up in this blog. If you’ve got a blog or facebook page to share along with that, I’d be willing to post those too.

    I’ll share my own special relationships next week, and how they changed my life.

    Stay tuned for another Wednesday Review this week!


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