LL Back to School Edition: How to get your act together

If you were to peer into my room right now, you wouldn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that I’m not a fan of ‘tidying up’ as they say. A more accurate representation for my living bode would be…. A hurricane caught a cold in my room and started sneezing out clothes, art supplies, my college dorm stuff and books. I can never find anything in here, nevertheless walk comfortably through it. I probably spend an hour each week just trying to locate something I happen to need. It’s annoying, but the truth is: I’m just plain unorganized.

    If I translate that same problem to schoolwork, it means problems with grades, problems with finding homework, resulting in hair-ripping frustration. I’m already a terrible procrastinator in the first place, why would I need disorganization to throw a wrench into my already lazy lifestyle? That’s why, as the little materialist here, what I need is more stuff to fix my ‘clutteriness’, as I will now deem it.

    The easiest way to help a disorganized lazy person, like me, to fix his or her ‘clutteriness’ and actually be able to find stuff is to compound as much things as possible, into one (preferably large) place.

    What I mean is, when you’re disorganized, it’s so easy to lose things. It’s as if your brain was carrying a suitcase of memories of where you put your things, and then suddenly, when you need something, the brain hurriedly throws that memory away so your moving socks can go hide it somewhere else. You know for a fact you usually put this one thing there, but then it isn’t there. Us daydreaming human beings tend to have a cluster of ‘usual’ places we put things, for example keys. My mother love to either put them in the kitchen, or on the counter, or someplace like that. However, there’s always going to be one of those days when she leaves it in the bathroom instead, and WALAH, suddenly she’s running out of time and she can’t drive until she finds those keys.

    This used to happen to my homework when I would just stick the paper into my notebooks, or my backpack, where it would get crumpled and lost, which resulted in the ruination my day. That’s why I recommend getting something like a file folder for disorganized peeps.

    In high school I used my file folder for every subject; I would put every handout, every piece of homework into this ONE PLACE. A file folder is not as easy to lose as a bunch of random papers. Plus, it can look SUPER COOL if you’re kid’s artsy like me, and the file folder is blank and there’s a pack of sharpies at their disposal. I tell you, there are endless possibilities, even with black file folders, because there are such things as metallic sharpies.

    A file folder wins because even if it can get heavy, it can hold many subjects, and it can come to school with you. I recommend it 100%.

    My second recommendation includes two items, a planner and highlighters, and here’s why I like them.

    I honestly don’t like planners very much, I don’t like recording the exact homework assignment every day because I’m a lazy butt sometimes, but here’s the idea: You don’t have to record the whole assignment. This is where the highlighters step in.

    Assign each subject a highlighter, then, with each day, if there’s an upcoming homework assignment, make a little mark in the planner that day so when you check it later, you know to check your syllabus if you’re a college student. If we’re talking about high school or younger, you may need to write down what you have to do. You might still want highlighters though to make it look cool and colorful, if you’re into that.

    Other supplies that help the disorganized: pencil cases, multiple subject notebooks, a sturdy backpack they **LIKE**, multiple colorful pens for the different subjects, and one more thing.

    A Folder for home.

    This folder might include past worksheets and syllabi; it might hold papers for projects and other important things. It’ll be a little work-base at the home. The key thing needed to have this utensil become useful? Have someone else be in charge of it.

    For example, if it’s a project folder, with the papers with all the different information on how to do it, then you’re going to want to have someone OTHER than the disorganized person watching it. This might even be necessary for the file folder as well, because you can’t trust us disorganized people to remember it ourselves all the time. That’s why planners are nice because even if memory fails, the planners REMEMBERS. Let someone else be the elephant that never forgets the important home folder. Then they can be the little nag they’ve always wanted to be they can boss the disorganized person around.

    Remember though, be sympathetic to the disorganized person, it’s not entirely their fault that their brain just can’t keep the clutteriness away. That’s why there is the J and P difference in the Myer’s Briggs personality test. The truth is, not everyone can be super organized. The real test is patience of the J’s for us P’s.

    Trust me on this one folks, you need a LOT of patience for people like us.

    Hope this helps you disorganized peeps or the parents of disorganized students. I hope the school year treats you well. See you next week!



6 thoughts on “LL Back to School Edition: How to get your act together

    • Thank you! I really thought about this post a lot. I used to use file folders in high school, and they worked brilliantly, tried to go without one this first year of college and I paid dearly. So this is life-taught advice.

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