The Wednesday Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The first three books were a treat, including mouth-watering plot lines and a colorful array of characters guiding us through this entire series, but the Goblet of Fire takes the cake. It is, by far, my favorite book of the Harry Potter series. The reason being that it brings justice to my favorite things in life: plot, character, ideas and suspense. Goblet of Fire dishes out the best of the best of Rowling’s series in these categories, hands down. Although I have one quip I must get off my chest before I begin ranting of the loveliness of this plot.

    The first part of the book was a bit disappointing… It was difficult to get past the first chapter, because we were introduced to some weird guy who is just taking care of a house. I know it’s relevant, fine, but put it anywhere but the beginning of the book. Actually, just begin with the scar, make what happened more of a mystery. Stick to having the protagonist begin to book… sadly, Rowling continues this trend in her next book.

    Plus, the Quidditch World Cup was a bit of a drag as well. Would have rather left that out, like the part above. There were too many details about an event that really had little connection to the plot.

    Once you hurdle over those pages, however, then a treasure pot of wonderful plot and details burst out of the cauldron and into your hearts. First of all, the very idea of a tournament is just AWESOME, here we are, with three different schools, sending their kids into death-defying stunts, and people are getting paid to do this! Of course, such an event would cause a lot of ruckus in the Wizarding community, including sneaky reporters and popularity issues. In this book, Harry Potter isn’t all angry man either, meaning I can still sympathize with his pain and wish him the best. There is so much mystery in this book that just unveils so beautifully by the end, I just love it.

    The best part is, we’re not too deeply buried into the Voldemort plot yet, which is when Harry’s situation gets sticky. Here, we get deception, action, drama, a little romance, frauds, killers, wizards; all without the violent dark mess we call Voldemort. Certainly, this book may not be the best for sensitive hearts, but for those who can take it… prepare for a roller coaster ride.

    There are ideas in this book that I would have loved to write myself. It feels original, action packed, and I couldn’t put the book down. Hermione ends up being a pretty bad-ass character too. Go Hermione!

    I give this book a 4.3!

    Back to School version of Friday Frenzy coming this week! See you then.


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