The Wednesday Reviews: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

J.K. Rowling is an impressive author, I’ll give you that. Of course, that doesn’t mean every book she’s ever written is the best in existence. I liked this book, do not get me wrong.

    However, there were a lot of things in this volume I didn’t really like.

    I won’t spoil anything, so don’t worry, if you haven’t read the books. I will only do that is there is some horrible detail that ruined the book. This book doesn’t have that. But one is close. And that topic is the character of Sirius.

    The rest of the book is fine. You’ve got your tension, which is still building up so nicely compared to the two previous books. The descriptions and the ideas are impeccable. I love the thought of Death-Eaters and Azkaban and every little thing going on in this Wizard world. There is no problem with that in this book. It is still a wonderful read that I would recommend to anyone. The only thing that really is digging on my nerves is the character of Sirius.

    Here we have a great build-up of a character. There’s some mystery thrown into there, and I guess there’s a BIT of foreshadowing onto what really happens. Unfortunately, there was WAY TOO LITTLE foreshadowing on what Sirius truly was. You’ll understand if you read the book. Reminds me of Hot and Cold by Katy Perry. One moment, Sirius is this, BUT OH, WAIT. Nope, actually, he’s not. Even though there was not a single thing going for him for a while there, yet, in the end, he pops out of nowhere and he’s something else.

    Perhaps it’s more a problem of foreshadowing than character. However, Sirius’ character is kind of unbelievable. By the end of the book, I was ready for that character to just leave the series, perhaps forever. But of course, that’s not going to happen, now is it?

    Here’s a tip for writer’s If you’re going to have the most of the book spell out something, and then suddenly change it in the end, you’re going to have a hard time. Foreshadowing is there for that very reason. Although unexpected changes ARE what’s necessary for writing a book, you have to coax the reader into it, unconsciously sometimes. Although I love to be surprised by books, it’s easier for me to believe in something that is introduced subtly beforehand. If you want to tell me there are unicorns in this world, then first show me the rainbows on the grass, the sparkles it left behind, and then maybe even show me it’s mom and dad. Then show me the unicorn. You catch me off guard, and might make me mad, if suddenly a unicorn is romping all over the place and I had never had any hunch in believing it was true. Catch my drift?

    That’s where J.K. Rowling went wrong with this book. She’s still a very creative woman, but this will forever not be my favorite Harry Potter book because of that reason alone.

    I will give this book a 2.9.

    Anyone agree? Disagree?

    See you Friday!



4 thoughts on “The Wednesday Reviews: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

  1. Personally, this (along with Goblet) was my favorite out of the series. While it is certainly quite a shock to see Sirius is good, I like the idea of going back through the book, looking for clues as to his innocence. I’d say there’s more than a bit of foreshadowing — Harry’s discovery of Pettigrew on the map certainly says something’s up.
    Beyond that, though, I like that this book is one of the few to get time travel right.

    • Goblet’s my favorite, I can at least agree with you on that. The Time Turner was great, I do like how that works. Unfortunately, one of my great loves in literature is characters, it’s what I see more obviously. The way that whole thing unfolded, though there were suspicions and such, it just didn’t work for me. :/ I do admit there was some foreshadowing… but still, I felt she made too big a leap there from one point to another.

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