The Wednesday Review: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Disclaimer: This review has no spoilers, so if you have not read the book but wish to know if it’s any good, this is your review! From those who have read, comments are appreciated!

    If you’ve never picked up the Harry Potter series, I must implore that you go buy these books immediately. You see, these books are good enough to the point where I read three in the series within a period of six days. That is to say, this series cannot be put down.

    I will not go off into different categories like I did the last Harry Potter review, as the majority of the characters, setting and plot (meaning the central issue still involves you-know-who, at least loosely) are relatively the same. However, this does not mean this book is not original, no, this series should be known for its creative originality. There is a new Defense of the Dark Arts teacher, there is a new problem, there are more issues that Harry has to face. This one, in the form of a Chamber of Secrets. (Ooh, if the title is not enough for you to wonder WHAT kind of secret it is, then you might need to go read some Sherlock Holmes to bring up your mystery vibe.)

    What this book definitely improved upon though, is TENSION. To my opinion, the more tension a book has, the more mature it is. Sure, there’s tension in Dora the Explorer, but while she is exploring, the worst thing she has to face is a fox who will give up on stealing from you if you shout ‘swiper no swiping’ three times. Harry Potter, as a book series, grows up because our friend, Harry Potter is finding himself in nastier and nastier situations (and he is also physically growing up- mind you). JK Rowling does not allow us to become bored of the series, she keeps cranking it up until BOOM, the end is awesome-tastic, and you find yourself hankering for more.

    I mean, who does not wish for high-stakes when it comes to flying wands and secret chambers? That’s what the party needs!

    Then, of course, the Characters are still as rich and funny as they were in the first book. Although I’m not sure children under the age of five should to read past book three if they’re not the violent action sort, but this book still is safe enough for children, I think. Okay, there is a major injury or two, and a few people and a cat that go Han Solo, but otherwise, it’s still pretty lax, compared to the other books so far. If you’ve got hankerings for the magical universe, and like a little action, this is certainly a book series for you. The characters are still a bit young, but still brave all the same. The book isn’t a piece of poetry, so don’t expect that either. However, it is just enough to satisfy the reading desire, and has a little extra imagination too.

    For a rating? I give this book a 4.1.

    I will admit, this is not my favorite Harry Potter book of the series, but what I love about this series is it deliciously builds up to something simply phenomenal. I know the finale because I’ve watched the movies, and I know for a fact that Rowling gives you the kind of ending a book series like this deserves. This is the second step into a seven step series that will knock your not-matching socks off. Maybe even literally. I sure wish I could go to Hogwarts now!

    That’s all folks! Friday awaits!


15 thoughts on “The Wednesday Review: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

  1. Great review, you really summed it up quite nicely. The Harry Potter series is my favorite series ever so of course I agree on the brilliance of J.K. Rowling. (This particular one isn’t my favorite either).

    • Nice! I mean, you don’t miss much of the context, even if you don’t read the first book. Though, may I ask, why is this your favorite? I’m interested to hear opinions about the series. :D

      • True. There are some parts here that talks about what happened in their first year. Why is this my favorite? Hmm. I think it was because of the mystery of the chamber. I was so curious about it. At first I thought it was really full of secrets. Haha. I have so many fave scenes/parts here, too — the Burrow, when Mrs.. Weasley was scolding them (that was funny! :D), we discovered floo powder and house elves in this book, and many secrets were revealed like why was Hagrid expelled and why does Harry has characteristics like Tom Riddle. :)

      • Those are some valid points, didn’t think of that. But I thought Dobby appeared in the first book? (I don’t know, my memory of the books are already gluing together. x( ) Those are some pretty awesome ideas that Rowling came up with. x)

      • Dobby appeared in the second book. He stole Harry’s letters, remember? :) I love how JK Rowling connected the seven books, even those scenes that are not that important in the story. :)

      • Oh, you’re right. and I do agree, she connects the books beautifully. Kind of stinks it always starts with him being tortured by the Dursley’s.

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