5 Things to do when Vacation becomes exhausting.

    I’m pretty sure we already know that reality never unfolds like a movie. In our everyday life, there are not huge plot twists, the fact one of your family is having an affair is not a secret and will not shake your entire world. No. That means vacation won’t end up with you housing a spy or whatever the heck would make things more interesting. If vacation lulls on for you, and you find yourself splayed on a couch, only taking in what will keep you alive, you might want to give this list a try.


    5. Start a Journal. Not just any journal though, a journal with a theme.

        I found myself in BAM the other day and just happened upon a ‘in my humble opinion’ journal, a journal for venting about how people can do stupid things sometimes, even when their mistakes seem so obvious to you. Annoying people include: myself, my family, my friends, movie directors, Nazis, strangers, Starbucks employees and the entirety of people on Twitter/Facebook/any other social media site worth mentioning. Meaning, a lot of these pages can be filled up. And oh, there are so many ways to be angry at someone, you have no idea. There is the ‘hit-them-in-the-face-with-a-pie’ anger, or ‘defenstrate-your-fan-even-though-its-a-million-degrees-because-you-are-so-angry-anger’, and oh, don’t forget the pudding anger. Ice cream and anger just go so well together. It’s really quite strange. For those of you who love ice cream even more than me, make an ice cream journal, experimenting on toppings and different combinations of ice cream until you’re sick to your stomach.

    4. Teach an Old Dog New Tricks. Complicated Tricks.

        I have discovered in life that when it comes to matters of strategy, I sometimes (or always) find holes in my strategy AFTER I made the move that ruined it. Then, my video game character dies, and I have to rely on Battle Save to have my character live on without losing too much of my blessed time redoing every good move I made before. But I learned something then, and got better. So, for any of you who have nerdy brothers like me, find those nerdy people in your life and drag them into a room with you, get a strategic game you have never played, like Fire Emblem video games, Settlers of Catan, or old school games like Checkers or Chess, and get them to teach you. Trust me, have the nerd teach you the basics. Let him get as complicated as he wants, you’ll figure it out later and learn even better because someone had told you, even if you did happen to bury yourself into the very issue they had warned you about. If you don’t have a nerd ready, at least find some friends if you want to play Chess or Checkers or Catan, and play until you mess up so much that you learn something. Then you’ll become an old pro, and impress everyone with your mad skills.

    3. Try new things. Inexpensive things that won’t change your lifestyle.

        You can still get your coffee creamer with your coffee, you can still do a lot of the things you usually do, but try something a little different. For example, with the coffee creamer, try a different flavor, if you’re in a different place, there’s likely different flavors of coffee creamers. Try something different. If you’re a vanilla yogurt person, try Boston Cream pie or go crazy and get the gogurt Cotton Candy yogurt or something. Chances are, you might like it more, or, more likely, you’ll not like it as much or hate it, but at least know you tried. Over the college year, I learned I LIKED milk with cereal, though I had never liked it before. I tried PB&J and learned I still liked my sandwich with only peanut butter. Funny thing about the years passing is that maybe something has changed but you never really knew until you went out and tried it.

    2. Explore. Explore the place you are staying, and find its treasures.

        If you have a place that’s old and has things hidden on the shelves and other places that you’ve never looked at before now, try it. When I was younger, I was a little less of a book nut, so I never saw any of the brilliant books on the wall until last year. Last year, I found some nice James Patterson books lying around that I loved. This year, I found all four of Ludlum’s Bourne series, that now I am going to take home and read for myself (I’ll bring them back next year. They’re so long I doubt I could ever read them all in the two weeks I stay up here). Now, I have books from the library AND in my own home place. Sweet deal, right? And a good way to pass the time.

  1. Leave the House. Now. I mean it.

No matter where you are, no matter how little property you own, there must be somewhere to walk. Go have a thinking time. If you’re thinking up a novel to write, well, then go walk and let your mind go free. It’s proven that when you’re moving around that your brain is getting more oxygen and blood so it can work more and be healthy. Plus, it’s proven that ideas are made when you’re not trying to have them. So walk, you don’t have to work on ideas, ideas will probably come to you so you can turn that around in your mind and turn into a human idea washing machine. Get away from the hectic parents, the crazed grandparents, and the others who are just meh. Have some you time. If you’re bored, you’re probably having plenty of it. Then make it pleasant. If you have a car, drive far enough away that no one can catch up. Find a place where nobody is.


Wednesday is a review on The Fault in Our Stars by John Green!


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