I’m on a Desert Island (figuratively)

In society today there is no drier place than a place with no internet or cell phone reception. A place where mosquitoes reign supreme, and there is nothing to do but read?

 That’s where I am right now, except throw in 15 bug bites on the first day, and two crazy little cousins. (What can I say, I must have some pretty sweet blood, but I wonder why vampires haven’t found me yet)

So, here’s my warning to you peeps: MY POSTS MIGHT BE LATE/SHORT

So do have some patience with me, I will try my best on updates, but they’ll be few to none, and probably somewhat shorter too.

Thanks for bearing with me! I’ll be here for 2 weeks, but my cousins will be gone in 1 week, so I’ll have more time to myself then.

See you Wednesday with a mini-review!


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