Need some inspiration?

Wordle: rawr

Here’s a link to it if the image doesn’t work:

I have dug into the recesses of my mind, words that my mouth often utters in pressed time and laziness. Yes, this is the product of my dedication, sweat and blood. I am talking about gallons of those last two…

And it’s all for your inspiration! Go ahead, use the words from this child, and create a poem, a sentence… etc. Please post these creations in the comments! I’m interested to see the results…


2 thoughts on “Need some inspiration?

  1. I couldn’t connect to the link (required codecs… blah) so I used words from your wonderful prose intro.

    Into the recesses for a dress
    to dress up my laziness, it’s very best
    look. Creations cook up inspiration.

    Commenting, I go ahead. Pressed
    for mind, I dug, child. Lugged
    broken links for a wordie response

    in time.

    Jim (;

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