Check out the new look! And a heads up!

    I had my 50th post last week! So I decided to give my blog a bit of a makeover. You like? If not, I would love a comment from you! Any suggestions will be seriously considered! (Although, this deal is only liable if you really mean what you’re suggesting.)

    Also, I’m making Wednesday a book review day
for now, instead of the short stories. At the moment, I’m going to be focusing on my novel, with the help of a Writer’s Digest course, so I can put together a first draft by the end of the summer! I want to be focusing my ideas on my novel. Reading when you’re a writer is a given. So I can write reviews for you all. It’ll help me read 50 books by the end of the year like I told Goodreads I would too!

    This post will be for suggestions. What would you like me to write? I might add quiz days and such if desired. Here’s some sample questions you could answer if you got nothing:

  1. How is the content? Is it engaging? Is it too long or too short? Or just right? Could something be done for the organization of the writing? Explain.
  2. Does my writing sound sincere? Are there any writing habits I have that annoy you?
  3. Is my writing interactive? Or do you feel like you’re being lectured at?
  4. Are my pages set up in a nice way? Can you find your way around? Is it too much?
  5. Do you generally enjoy what is put up? Which posts were your favorite?

That’s enough interrogation for you guys. xD Wish me luck with my novel!

Catch you on Wednesday with a book review on Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott!


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