5 Reasons why Breaking my Pinkie wasn’t so bad after all (SO#13)

Now, I don’t know about you, but when you’re pretending to be a teapot, having your cast act as a spout really raises your credibility. Since my arm is now one huge bulk of blue fiberglass action, my arm now more closely resembles that of the smooth curved spout of a teapot than of a human arm. I must say, it’s a deal-breaker for the kids. Now, I can sing ‘I’m a little Teapot’ with no guilt on my conscience.

    Those matters aside, I must say, this thing isn’t all boos boos and pity parties: it can actually be a useful tool that improved my summer plans. Although I can’t hang on the beach and sauté myself like the rest of you suckers, I certainly am not wallowing in my own misery here. In fact, here’s 5 reasons why this thing has improved my summer vacation.

5. Human Slaves

    I’m not only speaking about my parents here, a lot of people are just out to help me. I can now look 10 times more suave because my mother has to help me write, and her handwriting is 10 times better than my normal dominant-handed writing. People do judge you, at least a little, by your handwriting, so I now appear much more civilized. Mwahahaha. Don’t forget people helping me do anything that would require two hands, like walking the dog, or lifting anything heavy. I did try to do things by myself for a while, but then, eventually, I realized I was annoying people just by trying to. Might as well leave it to them. xD (And I extend my thanks to all my dutiful servants.)

4. More Time to myself

    Although this means I’ll be making less $ this summer, after a difficult college year, delaying the start of my job actually allowed me to kick back a little. I do want to start working as soon as possible, but I can’t say I don’t appreciate the hours I’ve had not having to worry about it.

3. A better Weapon

    If I ever had to face an enemy now, I can surely use this hard cast to put a dent into someone’s head. Violent, yes, and very likely to hurt myself as well, however, I do feel safer. I don’t think even a baseball bat could break this thing!

2. Great for Parties

    Ever had to worry what you’ll talk about with your friends? No fear! You’ve got a great conversation starter right on your arm! Of course, it gets repetitive at times, but adding a little spice to your explanations doesn’t hurt. Seeing the different variation of human reactions is quite hilarious. My favorite though was when my best friend came up to me and starting cracking up. (Funny thing is, she broke her ankle like a few weeks later. And though it is horrible of me to say this, I felt she received retribution that day.)

  1. Good excuse to come up with stories about how you got the injury

    By the time I finished college, I had come up with 4 different stories, including beanstalks, punching sharks and adventures with knights! I eventually came to the point where my friends would violently prod me for the real story. I did tell them eventually, but the suspense was enough for me.

    So if you ever break your arm, HAVE NO FEAR! Of course it will have repercussions, I have no doubt of it, however, it’s not all a downer!

    On another note, look forward to a scene from a novel I had been writing recently this Wednesday! I’m switching the title to ‘Unmarked’ for now, because of a huge setting change I made! Wish me luck!

    To Wednesday!

    A.C. Rooks


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