To All My Readers (SO#12)


Gratitude is riches
It’s the golden rule of wealth

An act of gratitude
The power to change
The circumstance of life

The more grateful
I can be for what I have
The more riches
I will receive

Any graceful thoughts
Are literally creating wealthy
To have a rich life
Is to be grateful for everything with my life
It’s such a blessing thing to do

The magic of gratitude
Like it possible for me to live in an abundance life
The more I focus on feeling gracious
The more blessing I will magnificently feel
Like magnetic

Feeling gratitude for my life
Guarantee I will receive more
I will have so much gratitude
When I truly feel it
by Ismael Mansoor


Here’s a poem for all my readers… Thank you so much for the support! You guys are the peanut butter to my jelly, the flower to my stalk, the light to my lamp, and so much more. J So thank you so very much!

See you Wednesday!

A.C. Rooks


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