The Hidden Stars (Jesus and his Hair Holes…?) (SO #11)

This is the place I will never forget…


Stars glued to ceilings

And midnight walls


Sun stuck to skin

And pasty white hugs


Five broken hearts

Mending one another


Home is where the heart is

And though I might forget you

I remember the stars.

City lights burn them away

The when I finally turn off the light

You shined just as bright

As if you had never left.


You are the people I will never forget.


My first attempt on a poem in a while, I know I didn’t really pay attention to pentameter or rhythm, but I do really mean it. And I write it for a reason. To try to start to appreciate these blessings I’ve been given.


You know, college really stinks sometimes. It turned into a monster in my closet that I locked away for too long. Its odor permeated the walls and finally it barraged me with the overwhelming smell of dirty socks and sweat. Although the monster repellents kept it from taking over my dorm room, the stress was enough to overwhelm me. Soft pink acne sprouted like dandelions from my forehead, tears burning down my cheeks, and onto the skin over my heart. Although my mouth was stuffed with ink to the point I could not breathe, there was no one working the floodgates.


And that’s why I need home.


Just like Jesus and his parables, he had said that a seed cannot survive without its roots fostering in deep enough soil. There’s no way a healthy plant or tree could sprout from such shallow roots. No matter what you do, the conditions prove fatal. The plant withers, and becomes a brown-gray husk of what it once was.


Now, I look at my home, everything in order, family to love on, dog to snuggle with… And I know, I’m in the right place.


So even if this doesn’t last forever. Even if this place will crumble under the ashes of time… I will always cherish that it existed. This place which keeps my family, who has been here with me through this entire pinkie thing… who still keeps helping, and loving me anyway, in a safe place.


Thank you so much summer. As hot as you are… you bring me back to a place where the scars from chaos can begin to fade. And thank you to my awesome family. For being there.

(and for explanation for the title… I was using voice recognition, and for “Jesus and his parables,” I first got “Jesus and his hair holes… xD)

And that’s all. See you Wednesday!(Hopefully)



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