Iron Man 3: The End?


(yes, I’m doing a movie review. I already did Friday frenzy this Monday, so I figured I’d try to shake it up a bit)


    I remember being speechless when I walked out of this movie, not even able to form a single opinion about it. On one hand, some parts the movie gave me shivers, but other parts, I was wondering if some of these guys making the movie and just said “screw it, let’s do whatever is easiest.”

    So where to begin?

    I, personally, am a big fan of Robert Downey Jr’s acting in this movie. What’s nice about this movie is that you’re truly seeing the man behind the iron suit. The one problem that iron man has, is you lose the man’s face while he is in combat, meaning a sort of disconnect with the character. You get momentary glimpses of his face along a lot of the other technological mumbo jumbo, but in the end, in the real battle, you get a metal mask. Robert Downey Jr., hands down, at least to me, is the best actor among our superhero pals. He is the most real, most creative, and he certainly unforgettable. So more o him is a good thing. Seeing him as a superhero is like a reliving the moment when I put milk in Honey Nut Cheerios for the first time, the taste was so delicious that I’ll never go back now. So when I see the articles saying Robert Downey Jr. might quit Iron Man, I believe that will be the moment Iron Man loses its shiny sheen.

    However, there were times in this movie that I had my doubts. For example, I was pretty sure Extremis was not something that would cause people to look like something I dug up from my fireplace. Although the real Extremis was sort of graphic, causing the takers to drop some black squid looking stuff, it certainly does not mean you should completely change what it was. That point was disappointing.

    And please, do not even get me started on the mandarin. The mandarin was an actual legit evil guy. He was not some actor, who has talking issues. Instead… we get some fancy guy who likes to flirt with women by showing them the inside of his brain. Smooth.
I feel it could’ve been so much more if these guys had just copy pasted almost the exact same villain you see in Iron Man 2. When I first saw the guy, with his hair slicked back, too tidy suit, we two narcissistic for a own good, I thought back to Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2. Both had too much money, too much time, and of course, no actual social life. Evil guys never seem to have those. Perhaps that’s why they’re angry all the time. Maybe that’s why they steal heroines for no particular logical reason.

    So going back to the Mandarin, I found this guy was completely disappointing. I don’t think Extremis and Mandarin were even connected in the original Iron Man legacy, so I guess these guys decided to throw these two concepts into a blender and watch the chunks fly. I guess they were in a rush to get rid of this whole enterprise. By adding Extremis into the equation, it ruined the mandarin’s chance to be legit bad guy.

    However, the plot wasn’t all bad. Robert Downey Jr. gets say some pretty cool lines, like saying that Pepper was perfect the way she is. We get to see the true side of Iron Man. However, these components of the story could have been introduced with a better plot, and I believe, if they had done this, Iron Man 3 would not become one of the examples of sequels that would pale in comparison to their originals.

    And one more thing, before I go into some good comments, I must rant about the ending. I won’t tell you what happened so to ruin it for any of you readers if you haven’t watched it, however, it does leave you itching your head in a frenzy. It feels like they were trying to kill Iron Man when he’s such a necessary component in the Avengers. I suppose he’s not completely out of the game, but when you see this ending, I feel like they tried to put Iron Man on the guillotine or something. The tone in Robert Downey Jr’s narrating voice was like a documentary or something. It’s like he was talking about how some poor meerkat won’t make the night or something. Killing it off while the cameraman sits there watching. And when you see this ending, you does wonder why he hadn’t done this before. If it was so dang easy, why haven’t you tried it before Stark?

    Enough of my rant though, I really did enjoy this movie, despite its obvious fallacies. There was drama, action, iron man suits exploding like fireworks, awesomeness, courage, and blah blah blah. Pepper Potts even gets to put on the suit once. And we get Downey Jr. in some of his best fight scenes that I’ve ever seen. Effects were amazing, I will give Downey Jr.’s performance an A. Everyone else gets a B minus. As characters go, Mr. Evil villain Aldrich Killian will get a D. Otherwise, go see the movie, it will give you chills. It made me forget about my broken Pinkie for almost the entire movie. That, my friend, is an accomplishment.

    As the conclusion, I give this movie 3.8 out of 5. It’s worth it, a great movie to start off my summer, and I really did enjoy the experience, but I do admit it could’ve been much more.

    See you next week!



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