Green Chicken Apocalypse

Since I’m unable to give you a short story I’d feel proud of, I’ll give you a short story a brilliant friend of mine wrote. Great humor, and he really deserves more readers.

Platonic Pencil

Whew, it’s been busy. Sorry that I haven’t been posting much in the last couple weeks, but as finals are coming up, I’ve had several important priorities to divert my attention. That said, I’m back, and I hope you enjoy this story!

No one saw it coming. In fact, it’s rather unlikely that anyone could have seen it coming. No one expects the world to end the way it did. Well, except for Ulhart the Utterly and Certifiably Crazy-Insane. We only found out too late how true his predictions about the Apocalypse were. But perhaps you could forgive them: after all, contradictory prophesies about a green chicken epidemic and and invasion of mauve elk are pretty unbelievable.

The transformations began about three months ago, as the winter snow melted to reveal growing grass. A farmer would be in his barn, feeding the chickens, turn his back, and Wham! – one…

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