The Technical Guide of Jumping Off a Cliff and How Not To Scream Your Head Off Doing It.

    Adults are lucky…

    If you’re lucky enough to have a computer to read this, we can probably say you’re wealthy enough to live pretty well. Adults are the ones with jobs that bring in the money, they’re already married (usually), and though they face their everyday problems, they’re usually pretty set. I’m not trying to say all adults don’t have their issues, and you can start a debate with me about how your life stinks and all of that jazz. But honestly, everyone has to deal with the kinks in life no matter which part of the tube you’re in.

    It’s just that, as an adult, you’ve climbed many more mountains than I have, learned more about the world and how to make money. I mean, the only way to live comfortably is to have money, right? That’s what all the commercials, movies, and capitalism say. The way you get around to anything is money. Without money? Well, good luck buster.

    So, in conclusion to that, what does America say about the average writing job? Well, it says that it’s not reliable, and you know what… I agree with it.

    But I also know this: I have no idea what I’d be if I wasn’t a writer. I can’t imagine myself loving and enjoying any other job. Perhaps being an editor would work. Otherwise, I feel like I’d be wasting my life doing something I wasn’t meant to do.

    Then what though? Am I really being dumb for trying for a job that has no guarantee? When I’m not sure if I can trust myself enough to actually do it right? When I’m not sure about how good I am at editing my own stuff? Well, that’s what cliffs are for, yes?

    To that, I say this, if Wile E. Coyote could survive jumping off a cliff, so can I.

    I fervently believe I am an INFP(or ENFP… the test said I really could be either), in terms of the Myers-Briggs personality test thing, meaning I’m Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Percieving. Just because, I am somewhat of an introvert (though if you know me personally, you know I speak like an extrovert), it means I think mostly in my head, I’m dominated by my feelings. Therefore, if my gut feeling tells me I’m going to have to jump off a cliff, and I’m about to do it, I’ll start regretting it before I do it. My intuitive side will tell me not to do it, my introvert side will tell me I’m being stupid.

    Then, my feelings will tell me to jump.

    Trust me when I say this though, not everyone was made to jump a cliff. But I do believe that God has made plans for us in ways we cannot imagine. I’m certainly very scared of jumping off a cliff, I’m afraid of falling. But, if my heart is so strongly telling me I should do it, then by God, I will do it. I do believe God engineered my heart, piece by piece, and to deny my heart now would just throw me into a worse chaotic mess.

    Therefore, let’s get this going.

    I’m still jealous of adults. You’ve probably already jumped the cliff. Perhaps you were in free-fall for a while, air whooshing by in torrents, before you grew flaps like a flying squirrel and glided to the bottom in style. Perhaps, your wings grew, and feathers of many colors and shades popped out of your skin like birthday candles, and carried your forward into some unknown future. Maybe you hit the bottom, and found a race of cave-people, needing you to teach them how to rub sticks together and make fire. I’m jealous if you’ve done that already.

    Let’s see what happens to me.

    And for those of you who haven’t jumped the cliff yet, if you don’t know where to go yet. Don’t fret yet. We’ll jump together. And if it’s not with me, I’m sure you can find your jumping buddy. Or maybe you’ll be a cliff-jumper guide. We need plenty of those. So really, perhaps you won’t need to jump. But you know what, I’ll just give you your stereotypical lesson because it’s so right: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. YOU KNOW MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU DO.

    Though, of course, psychology also tells us we know less than we think we do too. Well, that’s up to you to decide. ;)

    See you next week!

    A.C. Rooks


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