How Fortunate is the Wheel of Fortune?

    I don’t know about you, but I’d really love to be on a game show, just so I’d get the chance to make some free money. Being a writer isn’t always the cheapest alternative. Somehow, you have to make money in order to pay editors to look over your work. There are craft books to buy, and of course, you have to pay for your own settlement and food costs. Being a writer means being unsure of the next pay check. Fortunately, I don’t know this yet, since I’m still dependent and in school, but who knows how long that lasts.

    Of course, those are nothing compared to the benefits of writing. The sheer joy of being able to weave stories, learning about yourself through the experience, and reading teaches you a heck a lot too. I really have a hard time seeing myself as anything else other than a writer, but I think I could manage. Though taking on a life without my dream would eventually drive me mad.

    However, that’s another topic in general. The reason I bring up the wheel of fortune is this… would we want to be dependent on the Wheel of Fortune every day? What if, for your entire life, how you lived that day depended on which slot your wheel landed on?

    In some of the inspiration posters, they tell you to ‘Be Spontaneous’, that somehow, being spontaneous every single day will really free you. That being random is somehow making you a better person. As I was an unruly child, unlawfully rocking sideways on the swing set of life, I believe I have the right to say, to some extent: that being spontaneous every day is certainly not always a blessing. Sure, I can be original all I want, but if you don’t have a firm ground to stand on, then you’re like the man who built a house on sand. It will fall apart.

    Being spontaneous is like being constantly high on something. It’s like I’m sitting in some bar, drinking in my own ideas and a lung-full of second-hand nonsense smoke. The clouds are so rich, flavorful, yet at the same time, tear apart your lungs as you breathe. It’s almost like a seductive poison, acid laced in perfume. It lingers heavily in your nostrils, until you’re forced to cough out more information than you want to tell your friends. It means that when they’re trying to talk about something, one begins to try to orbit the topic like a satellite, and by the time I actually try to reach the earth, my words fall in a ball of fire and destruction. It seems sometimes to only leads to trips to the bathroom, or, a mess of scraps found in the middle of the desert. Being spontaneous has its drawbacks, since its in a world all of its own.

    I won’t only bad-mouth it though. It certainly helps me a lot in my life. It helps me laugh at myself, it helps me make jokes, it helps me make ideas that perhaps others might not think about. I’ve been told I think in a fresh way, and I sometimes point out things people hadn’t thought out before. My siblings used to poke fun at me with smiles on their faces, telling me that my mind was like a ‘spinning wheel’, that they never knew what I’d say next. It was nice to know that they looked forward to whatever I was going to say.

    So, what to do with being spontaneous? I won’t say don’t do it, there are too many blessings with being spontaneous that I won’t tell you to stop doing it. It’s just, don’t get trapped in it. If that’s all people expect from you, it gets harder to win someone’s respect. It makes it harder for anyone to take you seriously. And it can hurt you too, depending on the situation.

    So lesson? Well, maybe try to be spontaneous sometimes. Sprinkle it into your daily life instead of making it an all time goal. It’s useful for an inspirational quote, but don’t take it to heart 24/7. Creativity, yes, is a nice thing. However, as funny as saying this is, sometimes, being new can get old, you know?

    Well, see you next week!

    A.C. Rooks


4 thoughts on “How Fortunate is the Wheel of Fortune?

  1. You’re absolutely right. To live in the trance-like state of the unconsciousness where your Muse lives — the voice of creativity, the voice of the psychic — is to live in a different dimension. When you leave the computer, or your storyboard, the analytical mind needs to kick in, otherwise you will not be able to, as you say, “Keep you feet firmly planted on the ground”. Also, this detracts from your ability to full appreciate your Muse. And to full appreciate the two states. Editing, revision, thinking, all need to be from the analytical. The aim, therefore, is to work in these two states simultaneously, so you achieve maximum output. Finally, you’re also right that intoxication can be very enticing, so this needs to be absolutely controlled. The blog this week was very thoughtful and raised some controversial subjects for some, but that’s good. Very good especially when at uni, the temptations are maximized to party too hard and long. Well done! :)

  2. Needless to say, I love you just the way you are! There is no one else like you and your spontaneity brings that out. I think the important thing in writing is that you are choosing to speak to others about adventures you have been on in your mind, a fresh perspective on something you have seen or experienced, or perhaps putting into words something you have experienced with others in a way which captures its essence. In order to communicate with them, you have to bring them into your world. That is the challenge of the craft you are learning, to be able to do that. And you are well on your way! Keep pursuing your dreams, and watch God give you the desires of your heart. You go, girl!

    • Thank you. :D It is a hard journey, I tell you that. With everything that the world wants us to do. But I’ll keep trying! Just having no basis sometimes can be really stressful, and it’s like trying to kick of the bottom of the lack, but the mud only propels you so far. Takes more paddling, I guess.

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