The Pocket Protectors Are Not Just For Show. (SO#7)

    Just BTW, the inspiration for today’s post came from this lovely blog right here:

        (This guy really has a way with words, and he make a good point, you REALLY should check out this blog. It’s really nicely written and well thought out! Go nerds!)


OHITHERE. Welcome to Issue 7 of Shout Outs! When I’m not being a self-centered blogger, and talk about other peeps for a change! Other peeps who are just awesome enough to have a blog entry about them. You know these people, they probably deserve MUCH more than some stinking blog post. But all I can give is a blog post, so I guess we’ll have to deal.

    Today, I’m going to highlight a group of people who have been the biggest inspirations of my life: NERDS! (And my family… but technically they’re nerds too so they can fit into this category.)    

    No, I’m not talking about the little sugary candy by Willy Wonka (though, those Are delicious, don’t get me wrong.). But if little crunchy candies were my inspiration to life… well, let’s just say I would be riding WAY too many sugar high waves, just to crash down into a mess of purple and pink pebble things.

    No, I’m talking about the PEOPLE nerds. You know the stereotype right? Thick glasses, their khakis all up in the knots of their bodies and all that jazz. I would not look it up on Google people, it’s a disturbing sight. (Though I do remember one who was obviously a model trying to get the nerdy girls to swoon. I must say, he was pretty attractive. But that’s not the point!) I’m NOT talking about those POSERS who wear the 3-D glasses… I never understood that trend.

    Nerds are not all just calculators and fetishes. They’re more than the people who get an IQ score way off the charts, they’re more than comic fanatics, and they certainly are more than people just hunched over a screen, drool sloshing down their Alienware laptops. They are not only people who live in their parent’s basements, with no hope for a regular social life, a romantic social life or anything sort of life at all. They are not all ‘Big Band Theory’ people who are just so weird to make us laugh. No, they are so much more.

    Then why do nerds seem to get such a bad rep?

    At least cheerleaders are supposed to have rocking bodies, and everyone loves them. At least jocks seem to have some sort of goal, and get to enjoy life. So why is it, that REAL nerds always get the lonely part of the deal? Half nerds with their 3-D glasses wearing hipster approaches to life at least have their friends. But we just seem to dislike the people who can receive good grades with as much effort as breathing is to us. Sure, it’s frustrating that they receive such awesome grades, but honestly, a lot of us really don’t even try to get those grades, so complaining isn’t in order.

    Is it really how smart they are that causes us to reel back though? No, I don’t think so.

    When you’re a socially inept person, sometimes, the ‘Normal’ thing to do in the situation isn’t what comes to mind. In a way, us nerds are just fit with different tools in our head then the rest of the attention-hungry population. If we’re not pretty looking, like, for example, Napoleon Dynamite complexes, then it’s even harder. Beautiful people have it a tad easier than some of us. You know it’s true.

    But there’s so much to love! We are straight-forward, honest, loving, and grateful for every single loving reaction! I’m easily moved my music, and by my friends, and I know we are loyal. In a way, being on the outskirts of social norms helps us grow to be wonderful people. We know pain, suffering, but we grow out of it. So what are we gonna do with these people?

    That’s right GIVE EM SOME LOVE! We’re not always lonely because we choose to be! Us people have to stick together, we at least share 99% of the same genes as everybody else! So throw away the 1%, and let’s do something awesome! Without nerds, we wouldn’t have facebook, the theory of relativity, and some of the most beautiful poems of all time! So we NEED nerds!

    See ya Wednesday for the LAST INSTALLMENT of SHADOW CHASER!

    A.C. Rooks



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