ShoutOuts Issue 6

Welcome to SO issue number 6, where we Shout Out for things other than myself for this part of the week!

If you’re looking for issue number 5, there isn’t one directly called ‘Issue number 5’, it’s masquerading as ‘Ode to Fathers’, which you can find here:

I’ll apologize in advance, but due to college circumstances, I don’t have a lot of time today to give, but I do want to bring some light to NAPOWRIMO, National Poetry Writing Month that is starting TODAY! It’s basically a challenge to write a single poem a day, for the whole month. I’ve decided to take the challenge! Woohoo! And I really suggest you do the same, if you’re a writer or not.

Poetry just adds another lens onto life I think, bringing an edge of beauty and truth when you force yourself to see the world at a certain angle. It can be quite enlightening. So bravo to those of you who do this. And good luck!

Here’s the website if you’re interested:

See you Wednesday!

A.C. Rooks


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