Shadow Chaser, Part 2

Part 1 can be found here:

    I swear, some sort of purple monster threw up all over this girl’s dream. The indigo ocean was violently churning; sending my boat’s nose into a deep sky that only a eccentric king could love. Then, there was the squid, a huge wall of slimy magenta, holding onto a girl with a cheap, but very frilly purple dress. Even the girl’s tongue was a light violet, as she screamed out with all her might.

    Huge, wet tentacles flew through the air, threatening to knock me right into the ocean. I dodged each one, the blasts of air nearly knocking me overboard. I clutched my harpoon, trying to aim for the head, but with the seas churning and the tentacles I was having to dodge, I could barely even keep myself standing.

    The squid’s attack seemed to cease for a moment, and I took aim to fire, but then I felt something underneath my boat, lifting it up. Before I could act, a tentacle flipped my boat, and I was thrown into the dark sea.

    Surrounded by darkness, fear seized me. My chest tightening as I thrashed for the surface. If I went any deeper, the darkness, the portal to the next dream would take me. I wouldn’t let that happen. I couldn’t. Something in my gut told me if I let this dream consume her, her real life would be impacted. I wasn’t sure how, but these dreams can carry onto real life, literally or emotionally when they’re not handled correctly.

    I found the surface, but not for long. Huge waves kept knocking me under, over and over. My mind, muddled and useless, was screaming to not go into the darkness. With all my might I imagined light, I imagined air, and suddenly, I was up in the sky with wings.

    Taking two deep breaths, I lunged at the tentacle with the screaming girl, taking hold of her shoulders. Her eyes locked with mine, shining like dark jewels, ignoring the rising green spots on my skin. I smiled, and pulled her out of the tentacle, bringing her into the sky with me.

    “I’m here to save you. But I can’t kill that thing,” I said to her, her hands around my shoulders, “you can.”

    She stared at me quizzically as I landed on the boat, its bottom side up, letting her stand. Conjuring a harpoon while she fearfully looked over at the squid, I handed it to her and nodded. She took it slowly, but shook her head when she saw the huge flailing beast headed straight towards us.

    “I can’t do this,” she said, tears trailing down her cheeks, “I just can’t.” The squid was quickly approaching only a few boat lengths away now. I took her hand firmly into mine, feeling her quick heartbeat.

    “Yes you can. But only if you stop saying you can’t. You CAN do it.” I was looking her right in the eyes, “you’ve got to trust me on this.”

    It must have clicked then, because she quickly wiped her eyes and nodded, looking back at the squid. As it neared, she took aim, as if she was going to hit its face. Her mouth was carved into a deep frown, fear in the spark of her eyes, but I knew she could do it now, with or without me. Though reluctant to leave, I slipped off the boat into the murky waters before she could see me leave.

    This time, darkness lasted for what felt like a lifetime, the time stretched and floppy, to the point where I wasn’t sure how long I really was in there. When I finally escaped, I found myself in a completely different place than before. A place that wasn’t a dream.

    It was an area with thousands of floating islands, each tied together by bridges of moonlight. There were thousands of people, like me, all with dark, pear shaped bodies and tentacles for hair, walking from island to island, talking, playing, laughing. It was the first time I’d ever seen anyone like me. I was so stunned I didn’t notice my mouth gaping until moments later.

    “Welcome to the center of the Dreamverse,” another me said, except with a deeper voice. His green, reptile eyes looked at me with such warmness I could have melted into them, “your home.”



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