Hallelujah! It’s Spring Break!

I will start off with a bit of apologizing. I was planning on writing a story for you guys from an idea that had popped in my head, but I realized I’m way too self-conscious of my own writing to allow an unedited story to be on this blog. ;) so, I’ll give you this lovely picture I found on Google.

    Anyway, so today is the beginning of spring break and I finally find myself in the folds of my own home. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I was to just bury myself in my Mother’s arms. There’s really no feeling like it, when you know there’s someone there, waiting at home, one who you know who loves you. I could melt into her warmth and just fly away. But then, the laws of gravity would remind me of my own limitations and SPLAT. I’d be dead. And frankly, I don’t believe it’s my time to die yet, and I’m certainly not choosing that time on my own.

    So, a topic I’ll delve onto this week is thankfulness, I guess. Frankly, as a person whose a little insecure with her relationships, and who needs constant reminders that the person beside me loves me. Trust me, that kind of way with relationships is a pain, but I can’t really deny it now. It was the way I was born and the way I grew up. And luckily, for me, I grew up with a Mother who was and is great at reminders.

    Every time I talk with her, it always ends in ‘I love you’. I know, these are words used too much in today’s vocabulary, but there’s a part of me that really appreciates that fact. I would probably be a much happier person if everyone told me they loved me when they were with me, at least once a week. Even if it wasn’t always frank, I probably wouldn’t care because I wouldn’t be able to tell anyway. I’m not trying to endorse living in delusions, but I do endorse the fact that perhaps we should be a little bit more giving with kind words. I frankly feel better when I give them out more too. I like to tell people that I appreciated their time, and frankly, I hope it makes them feel good too. Yeah, I’m a people pleaser, and I always will be one. But frankly, that’s not always a bad thing. It’s really only when it deludes you into lying to others just to make them like you. (Which, unfortunately, I’ve done way too many times anyway.)

    So what is a good way to go about thankfulness? Well, I guess it depends on the person. But, you know, I always really love reading books where we can understand when a character is thankful for something. And that’s not always necessarily very obvious. For example, from the Sherlock Holmes example from last week, almost every representation doesn’t have Sherlock constantly thanking Watson for staying with him and being his friend, but in his own way, he shows it. In Sherlock, we almost get a scene where Sherlock apologizes for not calling Watson a friend. Though only almost. Sherlock Holmes is on his own level there.

    What’s important, I think, in thankfulness is 1.sincere-ness, and 2. Knowing when and how much you need to be thankful to someone. For example, when you run into someone like me, who has a thousand thoughts per second, then all the reasons why I thought you liked me might be gone the next day if you’re in a bad mood. When you’re in only the standpoint of one human being, it’s really hard to tell when a person is having a bad day or if they just aren’t enjoying your company. (Well, at least I struggle with that problem)

    So lesson this week? Just remember to be thankful and remind your friends of how awesome they are. Really. Just thank them for this week. If you’re on spring break, go see some friends and be thankful again. I’m really thankful for any friend of mine, because frankly, someone with insecure friendships, doesn’t always feel like they have friends. I love the days when I remember there are people who, despite my shortcomings, love me anyway, and are glad I’m around.

    See you Monday! (And possibly Wednesday. I might be adding a story day now. Mwahahaha. I’m so devious.)

    A.C. Rooks




2 thoughts on “Hallelujah! It’s Spring Break!

  1. Mary!! I loved you as a baby and the toddler I knew! I had no idea you grew up into a fine young lady – already!!! Who gives us permission to grow up?!?! God has His hand on you. I can tell by your writing. Just be yourself! I know your parents are very proud of you! If you can take it again, so am I. You see, I babysat you and the boys many years ago!!! Then your parents moved out of the Country. I’d hear updates at Christmas! I missed you guys terribly. In the meantime, I met a very nice man and we got married at MCC. Our lives seem to have many directions. Following the right one is a challenge! Lots of Prayer and Faith, dear!! God Bless you as you continue writing. Jennie

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