ShoutOuts Issue #3


Welcome to this weeks ShoutOuts! This is your host, A.C. Rooks, on updates about everything but myself! This part of the blog focuses on people and other things around the world that need a little love, need some attention. The last 2 weeks have been showing off people. This week, we’re branching out.

Today, I’ll be featuring a charity event that’s being endorsed by IJM, which stands for International Justice Mission, called Stand for Freedom. Did you know, that there are 27 million people that fall under the category of slave? I mean, as an American, this strikes me as odd; didn’t we already get rid of slavery, after the Civil War? Well, that’s only the case in America folks. Around the world, people are being sold into prostitution, working at mills. All the details can be found in the video posted above.

Why even care, exactly? Well, in America, we endorse ‘freedom’ like it’s something that everyone should be able to have. Well, sure America, maybe I’d believe you if only for the fact that every time we have an issue or a crisis happen, the collars get tighter around our necks. I have a hard time believing in true ‘freedom’ on earth, but that doesn’t mean we can just forget what’s happening.

I read a book on this once, unfortunately, since it’s been a few years, I can’t tell you the name, but I can tell you it has won a few awards and has a kid in a (blanket?) on the bottom of the cover. It featured a little girl being sold into prostitution. How they had to drug her. How many times she was raped the first time because she was a virgin. I remember the words she used to describe it was that they ‘split’ her open. Basically, that’s just a really really padded down version of what really happened. The author really gives you the exact picture without gruesome pictures. But that’s horrible, isn’t it? This isn’t just a rape and run, this is a life in chains. And there just happen to be enough chains to imprison enough people to fill 270 national football stadiums with.

So, the program basically just requires a bunch of friends to group together and stand for 27 hours straight. It may seem like a daunting hour, but just finding 27 people means that each person could stand for an hour, and wala! Your work is finished. It seems like it’s mostly a trend for college students though, so for you adults out there, get your kids riled up!

That’s all for this week’s SO! Make sure to check out last Friday’s blog, What Makes People so AWESOME! Found here:

    See you Friday!
Our school standing for this!
(P.S. I’m not in this picture, I took this. But this is the table my friend made for this campaign!)

    A.C. Rooks


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