ShoutOuts Issue #2


    To this week’s ShoutOuts! Where we spend a little less time on me and more time on aliens people who have done, super AWESOME extraordinary things without my permission! (Not that awesomness needs my permission, of course.)

    So, our shout out today goes to… (drumroll)


    The reason this man has been chosen is because, even though I haven’t gotten to know him yet, he put this blog on his ‘The Daily’ news website, which you can find at this website: . I mean, it’s not every day that someone goes out of their way to help you get your blog out there. I mean, I just keep getting blessed with all these people, like Mark O’Brien, and Dylan Roberts from last week (check out that blog here: ) who are just being awesome without my having to fall on my knees and beg. Really, thank you so much Martin Russo. And to all of you peeps out there, you should read his stuff, or follow his twitter:


That is all for this week folks! And if you’ve got any ideas for people for me to shout out to next week, please do add their name in the comments, and what they’ve done that’s awesome. J


See you Friday!

A.C. Rooks


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