ShoutOuts! Issue #1


    Monday blog posts shall be given to the people! You don’t just want me to talk about myself all the time, do you? Oh, well, if you do, you’ll have to wait for Fridays, I have too much love to give to keep all my words for myself. ;)

    I think you’ve gotten the point, so here are our 2 people who have really been awesome to me!

Mark O’Brien

    From the moment this guy met me on Twitter, he’s been a non-stop motivation wagon, no joke. As much as I hate to admit it, we’re not always so sincere and so kind on the internet. We may not even try that hard for people, because since you’re really not face to face with people, the pressure to please them isn’t as high. But this guy goes above and beyond for such things, being a motivator and just an awesome guy. So shout out to him and his Australian awesomness! He’s a writer just like me, and you should check out this work of his on Amazon!


His Facebook:

His book:


Dylan Roberts

    How I met this man is a funny story. In high school, actually, I had a group of friends, and literally, one of them also had the name ‘Dylan Roberts’. So when one of my friends was looking for our Dylan Roberts, we found this guy too. We decided to friend him, and we’ve never regretted that decision! He’s a great friend, a wonderful man to talk to, and he invests in people, I can tell. He plays music, so click on the below link to get to his Youtube page! :D


His Facebook:

His music:     


Thanks so much guys! Keep being yourselves, and keep smiling!

A.C. Rooks



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