The Passage of Time

I noticed that time has begun to pass too quickly for my tastes. Already, it’s February, and I’m wondering where my birth month went, and what it took with it. I can imagine January now, with a denim coat and suitcase, eyes hidden behind a bowler hat, and a dark suitcase in hand. January tips his hat and walks away, with a broad back, and an undeterminable expression.

                Time is such an easy thing to lose, I realize. I already notice my years increasing without my asking them to. Being a Christian, as I am, I am introduced to the issue of mortality more than the average person. We are constantly praying for the lives of others, always hearing when a relative has fallen ill, or when there is a family grieving a loss. My death feels all too close, even at this unimportant year of 19. I’m almost a 4th done with my life, if I determine my death year to be around the average.

                Now, I don’t mean to depress you or anything. As I watch snow delicately fall out the window, I don’t regret growing up. I appreciate how my years give me a new perspective, and I feel the budding feeling of a growing miracle inside of my chest. I look out into this life and see opportunity, as life is a trial to fight for, day by day. In that, there is a purpose to all of this time I’ve gained. It may seem like an unstoppable cycle of repetition at points, but it’s nothing to losing hair over. Just take a deep breath. Make a snow angel while wearing shorts, and let the tingly feeling you get awaken you. It’s a new day, every day that you are wake. Yesterday’s gone, but if you’ve woken up already, then you’ve got today, don’t you?

                I know we won’t always have hope. I certainly don’t have a fluffy feeling in my chest all day, certainly not. Most of the time, my mind causes storm clouds to form in my chest, tumbling sighs become most of my exhales. If it does come to that, then go outside, forget the snow, run up a hill and imagine the sun shining down your face as flakes gather on your nose. Let you whole self vacate the sky and just breathe the entirety of it in. Time may be passing, but heck, let the feeling melt into you. God gave us a world and a time frame for a reason!

                Reminder to myself, and maybe to you: Live every moment with an open mind, and open heart, and an open sky.


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