The 5 ways to NOT start anew.

A lot of lists these days just tell you how to do things, giving you a variety of helpful bits of advice to start whatever it is you want to start. Well, you know what, I’m not going to lecture you, nor am I going to pretend like I’m an authority on the subject. Because I’m not.

HOWEVER, as a college student, I do have the authority to tell you NOT how to start a new. Because, you know, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to start anew, and I didn’t take the chance. So, as I’ve experienced most of these first hand, I can tell you that this is NOT the way to succeed, and that you shouldn’t follow my example. If you want to succeed, and actually start anew, then don’t follow this list.

And if any of you are trying to start anew, but are following these examples on this list. You probably will fail. So don’t do it.

  1. Do nothing.

    Well, you know, it’s not like what you’re doing now is wrong, right? I mean, come on, YOLO, right? Let’s just go burn time watching Netflix or picking noses, because there’s really no reason to change anything.

  2. Procrastinate.

    I can just start something after finishing this book. Or I can change myself once this semester ends and summer begins. It’s not really a good time for it anyway, it’s still in the middle of the semester, so it’d be kind of weird to change now.

  3. Wait for someone or something to paint the Starting Line.

    You know, I’m going to wait until I buy this goldfish before I start changing myself. It’ll be my symbol of change with all of its glassy-eyed goodness. Something that signifies this change has to happen, right? I can’t just change by myself.

  4. Discourage yourself from doing it.

    Why do it anyway? Probably some other person out there does it better than I can. Besides, I’m not that strong of a person, there’s no way I’m going to be able to pull this off. I doubt there’s much little old me can do. I’ll just revert to my own ways and become miss shut in, no-friends, a no-change person. I mean, I’m already in the habit of doing things this way anyway, right? Why change anything?

  5. Don’t talk to anyone about it.

    I don’t want to burden my friends with all this useless talk. I mean, even if my entire life and everything I’ve ever learned is due to other people and how they’ve treated me, and even if I’m completely dependent on people, I can do this by myself, right? I’m not so pathetic that I need some other person to help me. It’s not like I’ll do something stupid if I don’t rationally think over my plans, right?


    If you’ve read over this list and are curious as to HOW to start anew, here it is: DO IT. Start changing!

    A lot of the time, the problem is that we push it off and overthink things and never start it. More than likely, if you start it, you’ll be able to continue it. Sure, it’s not a foolproof way it start anew, but at least it’s something.

    Otherwise, follow this list. Nothing will happen. Everyone will be just fine. We’ll fit into the same old routine. Like always.


    See you next week!

It’s Easter Weekend, I’m poor, and I’ve got too much time…. What now?

Well, I’ve now got four days of free time on my hands (other than going to church and the like) and in here lies the question: what should I do with my free time? Most of my friends have gone home, there are no classes to go to, and although there’s homework, there are no deadlines pressing enough to force me to do it.

So I’ve comprised this list to help me, and you, if you’re in the same predicament I’m in, to help you spend your free time without feeling like you’re wasting it and without spending too much money. As much as I’d love to say I could just read books for four days straight, not everyone can do that (and neither can I. Well, I could, but where’s the fun in that?).

So here it is:

  • Take a walk
    • That’s right. Take a walk. Even after you’ve gone to the gym and sweated your butt off, go take a walk. For me, it helps me cultivate ideas, and since the weather’s FINALLY warm enough where I’m at, it’s the time to take a walk.
  • Call someone you haven’t seen or heard from in a while.
    • Call some high school friends, or middle school friends, or just that neighbor that moved away all those years ago. Doesn’t matter. Could be someone you held a grudge on. Could be your childhood sweetheart. Could be your crazy uncle who raves on about laundry. Who cares who. Just call them.
  • Start on a Project you’ve been holding off on.
    • If you’re a procrastinator like me, then you’ve probably got some things that you’ve left to simmer in the back of your mental closet. If you’ve got free time, take it off the back burner and just START it. Starting it is the best way to not procrastinate. Go clean out your yard, plant those flowers, or write that novel you’ve always wanted to write.
  • Try a new restaurant
    • Basically, if you’ve got time to burn, then try something new. You might find something, or you might not.
  • Do some errands
    • I know, boring, right? But do these first if you can, and then do fun things later. Leaving errands off to times when you’re busy can end badly.
  • Do your homework
    • Great. More boring things. But if you do have an essay that you could be starting, do it now. Don’t let it be the monster that rears its ugly head right after you’ve enjoyed your Easter dinner.
  • Go to church
    • I did say that this list was to fulfill meaningful tasks, right? Well, here’s your main mission. Go to an Easter service. Chocolate and bunnies are nice and all, but they’re not the real reason for the holiday.
  • Do something you’ve wanted to do.
    • Wanted to take a class for a while? Do it. Wanted to learn something new? Find someone who can teach you. Go paint a picture, watch a TV show, whatever. Find your list of suggestions given by friends for shows that you haven’t started yet and at least knock a few of them out.
  • Go to the mall
    • You don’t have to buy anything. Just look. Be the annoying customer that looks at stuff and doesn’t buy anything. Sure, it’s awkward having to deal with over-friendly store clerks. But ignore them. (Or an alternative: kick them and run. Although violent, it’s effective.)
  • And finally, read a book.
    • Sure, this isn’t something you should do your entire weekend, but still take it into consideration. Books are wonderful. Maybe visit Barnes and Noble or BAM and get a latte while reading. It’s still meaningful, calming, and stories always teach you something.


    I know, life can be hard when there’s just so much time, and so little to do. But do not fret! This list can help it pass right by. I think. If you look at it hard enough.


    See you next week!

An introvert’s guide to surviving college.

College life can be rough. Especially for those of us who don’t find as much solace in parties or drinking or just overall leaving the home base. It’s all right, you can admit it. Being an introvert isn’t a crime or anything, it just means it’s a little harder to make friends, establish your roots, etc. But, don’t fret! It’s not like there’s no hope for us!

Having been in college for almost two years now, I can’t say I’m any expert at this or anything. But I’ve gone through the ups and downs of it. I faced pretty crippling depression at some points, but other times, I had the time of my life. Although this list can’t guarantee anything, I do hope it helps.

  1. Find a few friends, or just one, who you can be comfortable enough with.

    Go over to their room and they might invite you to something which you might become interested in. Or not. Either way, you might end up having the time of your life and find a group to hang out with.

  2. Or, better yet, be the one doing the inviting.
  3. Find a club / make a club.

    This might sound like a big jump for some, but honestly, clubs depend on how they’re run. It could just end up as a gathering place of people with similar interests. It is a bit of work, but it’s definitely worth it.

  4. Find some days to spend by yourself

    Play a video game, watch a movie, write a chapter of a book, or watch some anime, etc. Just relax. Spend some time doing things that you can talk to people about later, even.

  5. Determine what you need to do, for your own health and protection, and do it.

    Don’t be ashamed to go to a counselor, friend, parent, whoever, if you need help. Bad things happen, the way to live is learning to deal with it.

  6. Thrive in college your own way.

    You don’t have to be ‘successful’ in the same way as anyone else. If partying isn’t your way of thriving, don’t force yourself to do it just to have friends.

  7. Make a journal (OR any medium you express yourself the most in.)

    Every night, take out that piece of paper and be as honest with yourself as possible. It helps organize feelings and identify problems. Can’t solve the problem if you don’t even know what it is, right?

  8. Try to think positively as much as you can.

    A day can go good or bad depending on how stormy the weather is in your brain.

  9. Take care of yourself.

    You’re precious, so don’t hurt yourself. Do well in class if you can, or work so you can at least pass. Take care of your body, mind and soul.

  10. Join an internet community.

    At least on the internet, there’s less pressure to always be spending time with someone. They can be support when no one else is.

It’s hard being an introvert in an extrovert’s world, it really is. Especially during the time when you’re establishing your own identity. You’ll face both ups and downs, no doubt about it, but what’s important is to breathe, smile, and take it slowly. If that’s how you work, then work it. And have fun!

See you next week!

This blog’s anniversary!

No, today is not this blog’s anniversary, actually, I’m not even completely sure when this all began, but I do know it’s been over a year now. Wow. Okay, perhaps there were some months I didn’t really post anything, but it still doesn’t change the fact that I’ve had this website for so long, and it still receives views even today, thanks to dedicated friends and readers.

    So, thank you all. No really, thank you so much!

    After today, this blog is going to change to simply weekly posts, every Friday Afternoon! I know I used to do two to three a week last year, but I’ve been facing some tough obstacles that have really tripped me up, so that’s why I’m simply going to have one longer post on Fridays. J I look forward to writing for you guys again, and feel free to comment any time!

    Happy first anniversary, my blog! Now, next goal, the fifth year anniversary! Keep writing!

Some inspirational quotes from awesome authors.

“We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.”
― Veronica RothDivergent


“There will be a few times in your life when all your instincts will tell you to do something, something that defies logic, upsets your plans, and may seem crazy to others. When that happens, you do it. Listen to your instincts and ignore everything else. Ignore logic, ignore the odds, ignore the complications, and just go for it.”
― Judith McNaughtRemember When


“Thinking something does not make it true. Wanting something does not make it real.”
― Michelle HodkinThe Unbecoming of Mara Dyer


“I am my own biggest critic. Before anyone else has criticized me, I have already criticized myself. But for the rest of my life, I am going to be with me and I don’t want to spend my life with someone who is always critical. So I am going to stop being my own critic. It’s high time that I accept all the great things about me.”
― C. JoyBell C.


“In the end, all men die. How you lived will be far more important to the Almighty than what you accomplished.”
― Brandon SandersonThe Way of Kings


“You can take my life, but you’ll never break me.
So bring me your worst…
And I will definitely give you mine.”
― Sherrilyn KenyonNo Mercy



Be strong, and remember to face life with a positive attitude! It’s a mindset that can make or break your day, so don’t keep beating yourself up! Keep going! And have a wonderful weekend!

~A.C. Rooks



Dear Stranger,

This started out as a writing prompt, but I kind of liked how it turned out. So I decided to edit it a little and post it here, if anyone needs a little pick-up for the day.

Throughout living, life will continue to give you lemons. He has too many to carry, so he has to give them away before they blossom from his arms and spill to the ground. He never wished you harm, but he knows he has to give them to you, and with a sad smile he sends you away with an armful of them. He can’t give you a lemonade-making machine nor any sugar to go with it. Life told us to make lemonade, but if you ask me, lemonade is too sour to drink all of them time. My lips couldn’t take the puckering.

But stranger, have hope.

Instead of lemonade, let’s make a lemon castle, like children build castles in the sand. Let’s make lemon forts and lemon huts to live in, and lemon playgrounds for the kids to play on. Let’s use them to light batteries, or put their juice into water guns and shoot them at each other. Let’s laugh along with Life, because things must be hard on him too. Life can’t stop giving us lemons, so instead, let’s use these stupid lemons however we want to. We’ll play with them until they rot.

I wish I could tell you pain would stop, how you can deal with it when it gets piled in heaps in your chest, but I can’t. I’m still trying to find that method for myself. But you know what? Just because life is uncertain and confusing as hell sometimes, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth waiting to see what will happen.

I want to be a writer, Stranger. I want to be around long enough to see myself become one. I’d love to see what you become too.

Call me strange, but at I want to look forward to something. So I can keep going forward along with these wads of lemons.


A.C. Rooks

20 things I’ve learned in 20 years

I thought I’d have a little fun and try to summarize some of the important things I’ve learned in life over these twenty years. Although I probably won’t hit everything, obviously, because there’s so much to learn even in just day to day things, but I’ll try my best! Feel free to comment your own life findings

  1. Nothing ever works when there’s a lack of communication.
  2. I don’t know about fiction, but in reality, being honest is the best way to go.
  3. If you never move forward, you will stay in the same place.
  4. There are two sides of the world, the one that is mathematical and calculated, the other is artistic and mysterious. True beauty is when both come together.
  5. Things will happen, things will change. Learn to embrace the new, but never forget the old.
  6. When meeting people, don’t only approach the situation expecting your friend to give you a good time. Don’t just be on the receiving end.  You also have to be willing to give or else the relationship will feel empty.
  7. Take note of the recommendations people tell you. If you see them again, they will ask you. If you didn’t do it, you’ve lost an enjoyable conversation.
  8. Don’t make excuses. No one wants to hear them, whether they’re true or not.
  9. Love your parents and friends if they treat you well. If they haven’t, at least respect the fact they’ve probably gone through as much shit as you.
  10. Anything can be a good thing or a bad thing, it’s just a matter of where you look with the kaleidoscope.
  11. Don’t expect what happens in fiction to happen to you. That’s like expecting yourself to step into a painting. It’s artful representation, not actual reality.
  12. However! Just because something isn’t real, doesn’t mean that its value is discounted. All stories/fiction with heart have value.
  13. Growing up doesn’t mean you have to throw away your inner child. It just means being able to know which situations need your inner child, and which ones need the outer adult.
  14. Success isn’t easy. School might have been easy at one point, but the real world isn’t your high school gym class. You need real effort.
  15. For kids in school who don’t feel like they fit in: don’t worry, the farther up the school ladder you go, the wider range of strange there is. By the time you’re in college, you’ll be the interesting person who finds all of the right people.
  16. Be careful who you choose to make friends with. Search for the ones who want to help you grow and want to see you mature into the best person you can possibly be.
  17. Take a philosophy class so you can learn how to think on your own and be able to argue without becoming defensive.
  18. Yelling never works. It only ends up with both sides hostile towards one another, and any bits of intellectual gold is ignored.
  19. Don’t go closing doors until you’re absolutely certain you can’t go that way.
  20. Don’t worry about things that don’t need to be worried about. The most interesting people, most of the time, still have no idea where they’re going in life, and follow their heart. Keep to the present and do whatever you can. That’s all one can do. That’s what keeps us humble.